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Complex Cases Require Simple Solutions

Selling a probate property can be more complex legally and often more emotional than any other property sale. This is why we have a specialist team to advise on the process and a number of services that aim to reduce the initial financial burden away from the costs incurred prior to sale.
We make the probate process easier, specifically if the beneficiaries live some distance from the probate property. Simple things that really help initially include:
  • An initial property inspection to advise of the condition of the property
  • Advice on draining down systems
  • Furniture and antique appraisals
  • Rubbish removal
  • Approved contractors for gardening etc
  • Keyholding for access

We can help to manage this stressful time

The Next Steps...

There is no immediate rush to sell, however, costs do accrue for keeping the property in good order so as soon as Probate is granted, we offer help and advice on the best route to market.
Generally, two or three valuations are required to determine what the value of the home is and what impact that may have on inheritance tax. We’ll co-ordinate our own Estate Agency to value the property and if required, co-ordinate for a RICS probate valuation. We’ll also hold keys to allow access for other valuations if required.
Once the value has been agreed, we can market via Auction or the Open Market.  Auction is often the chosen route as it provides a definitive market value, immediate exchange of contracts and a set completion date.
When it comes time to market the property, we offer the following Probate Services:
  • Free Residential EPC
  • Free Valuation
  • Free Auction Entry
  • Reduced Agency Fee 

If you have not yet appointed a solicitor, we have an extensive list of experienced approved solicitors on hand to help.