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As one of the leading Wirral estate agents, there is little wonder why this small part of the world means a great deal to us. For although this peninsula is perched on the corner of the North West, it is at the centre of a lifestyle that most dream of. The Wirral boasts an array of accolades that appeal to house-hunters across the country, each in search of a well-rounded lifestyle. 

According to Rightmove's Happy at Home Index, in 2018 the Wirral was the fourth happiest place to live in the region and twenty-second in the country. The Sunday Times named Heswall as the fourth best place to live in the North West in 2018. Back in 2015, the Royal Mail commissioned a study which named Bebington as the most 'desirable postcode' to live and work in England, closely followed by Eastham in 8th place and Wallasey in 9th place. The awards were given due to a range of factors including how safe residents feel, the number of green spaces in the local area, living close to a workplace and the number of good schools in the area. 

However, despite being relatively small in size and much quieter than the city that mirrors its location across the River Mersey, the Wirral is diverse in landscape, from semi-rural retreats to beautiful beaches, quaint villages and industrial towns. Therefore, choosing where to set up home can be a difficult task, do you choose east or west? coast or country? To help you make this decision, we have put together a guide of the best places to live in Wirral, based on your personality and lifestyle...

1. The Serene Spirit...Matched with Thornton Hough 

Similar to beauty, serenity is in the eye of the beholder with some finding busy towns comforting and others needing to step away into inconspicuous bliss to reenergize their souls. For those who are inclined to the latter, the stunning village of Thornton Hough offers the ideal lifestyle and landscape.

Situated in central south Wirral, Thornton Hough is a place that looks like it has been created in the mind of a fictional writer. With mock-Tudor style cottages, country pubs and village greens that form a picturesque landscape, Thornton Hough is popular with families who want to enjoy quintessential village life with lots of outdoor fun to be had.

Surrounded by farmers' fields, this semi-rural retreat in the heart of the Wirral may offer a completely different lifestyle to other areas but is still just a twenty-five-minute drive from Liverpool City Centre and Chester City Centre. Offering such beauty, tranquillity and short travel to major cities, movers to the area can expect the benefits to reflect in the house prices, the average house price here currently stands at £538,127. 

2. The Aquatic Artisan...Matched with West Kirby 

With the Wirral being a peninsula, it is quite literally surrounded by water, making it the perfect place for the Aquatic Artisans, those with a particular taste for aquatic adventures. In particular, West Kirby is famed for its coastal charm. Situated on the north-west tip of the peninsula, West Kirby sits at the mouth of the River Dee and has views across the Irish sea. 

Taking full advantage of its natural beauty, residents here can find a range of watersports and outdoor activities at the Wirral Sailing Centre where members can partake in sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding amongst other sports. For the calmer outdoor pursuits, residents can enjoy a simple walk along the West Kirby Marine Lake or a more intrepid hike across to Hilbre Islands, only accessible during low tide. 

As with many coastal towns, West Kirby hosts an array of property and the average price currently stands at £327,066. There is a real traditional British seaside feel here with independent cafes, bars and restaurants dotted around near the marina making it a popular place for families to set up home. 

3. The Nine-to-Fiver...Matched with Bebington 

The Nine-to-Fiver, those who try as they might, simply cannot escape the reality of working life, even amongst the sanctuary of an 'almost island'. Bebington, however, may offer the best of both worlds with its 2015 status of the 'most desirable postcode' to live and work in England. 

Its Eastern position on the peninsula offers a short commute to Liverpool City Centre with a journey time of around 15 minutes (a shorter commute than many who live in Liverpool itself!) making it a great place to buy a home for those who work in the city. With the average house price here being £204,213, it is a relatively affordable place to live for families looking to settle down. 

With great schools located nearby, including Wirral Grammar School for Boys and the Wirral Grammar School for Girls, many parents consciously make a move to the area to promote better chances of a place at the school. 

4. The Suburban Socialiser...Matched with Oxton 

Although a suburb in the famously industrial landscape of Birkenhead, Oxton offers a different landscape with the quaint beauty of an old English village, filled with cottages, local pubs and a village with a strong sense of community. For although the village may have its fair share of history, Oxton is cosmopolitan and home to many independent shops, bars and restaurants that offer the perfect place to quench the Suburban Socialiser's thirst.

There is a wide range of property in Oxton that would appeal to an array of different circumstances from spacious detached houses and modern newbuilds to Grade ll listed Victorian houses that formerly housed wealthy shipping merchants. 

5.Vivacious Bon Vivant...Matched with Heswall

Located on the Western side of the Wirral, Heswall boasts an impressive landscape that is rich in variety and history. Residents here can switch from the hustle and bustle of the town centre to the tranquillity of natural scenic delights within a matter of minutes, making it the perfect destination for the Vivacious Bon Vivant - those who want to enjoy the spice of life! 

Heswall may have missed the fanfare of neighbouring West Kirby and Parkgate, but it still benefits from stunning beauty, much to the delight of its residents. The Heswall Dales is a popular location for walkers, enjoying the breathtaking view across the Dee Estuary and onto Wales. For those who want to enjoy some vibrancy, a trip to Heswall Town Centre can provide just the cure. Many independent bars and restaurants are dotted throughout alongside hairdressers, grocers and an amazing estate agent (cough cough!)

The average house price in Heswall currently stands at £340,061 and is a popular place for families to upsize and settle down.